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Best Sativa and Indica AAAA Cannabis in Canada has just announced partnership with The Buddha Boys Collective who are a group of world-renowned farmers who live and breath the cannabis industry. With more then 50 years of experience between the group The Buddha Boys Collective is a group of experience growers that have a passion for growing the most premium AAAA cannabis.

In the cannabis world, The Buddha Boys Collective is known as the Quad Squad because they only produce AAAA grade cannabis and some of the finest high-grade marijuana in the country. This BC based company has been in the fore front of growing and now has an exclusive relationship with to sell their AAAA supply. will be the sole selling partner of some of the best AAAA marijuana in the country that is heads and tails above anyone else.

If you would like to see some of The Buddha Boys Collective work checkout their Instagram at or search their handle buddhaboys__